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Where is Tutable available?

Tutable is currently available for use only in NSW. We have plans to expand soon to QLD and VIC, then the rest of Australia. We would like to become internationally available soon after.

Can I access Tutable on all devices?

Currently Tutable is available only for iOS devices. Our priority is developing a web app so that everyone can access the platform via either their desktop or mobile browser. Following that, we will be developing an Android app.

General FAQs


Who is Tutable for?

Tutable is for anyone who has a skill to teach or learn. We do not cater specifically to school students, university, or adult education. We are a platform for anyone, of any age and background, with a hunger to learn or help others learn.

I've noticed a bug in the app

Please let us know! We are a new platform and have plenty of room to learn and grow. Report any bugs you notice to us via the Support page, and we will forward issues on to our development team!

FAQs for students

I am a parent - can I book a class for my child?

Yes. We have many tutors on the platform who specialise in classes for children & teens. Look for the WWCC badge on a tutor's profile to see if they hold a valid Working With Children's Check. 

How do I pay for my class?

You will need to connect a valid credit or debit card before booking a class. Once this is done, you will be automatically charged for your class via the secure payment gateway Stripe. No more getting cash out or awkwardly going for your wallet at the end of the class!

What do classes cost?

All tutors set their own hourly rate, based on their experience, qualifications, and class topic, however we see an average price range of $40-$60 per hour, for classes that don't require the teacher to use consumables or specialised equipment.

What if I feel uncomfortable or unsafe in a class?

Before a class​

If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable with a tutor's conduct before a class, through messaging or any other contact, you can simply cancel your booking and report the tutor using this form. You will still receive a full refund​ on your class, no matter how close to the start time you cancel, if you report the incident and our staff agree the tutor's behaviour was inappropriate.


Our recommendation will always be that if you are not comfortable with the tutor, you should not go ahead with the booking. However, we can't tell you how to live your life, so if you have some concerns but you still want to have the class, you should ask the tutor to make the venue a public space, like a cafe or a public park, instead of their home. Let people know where you are going and how long you'll be there, and carry your fully-charged phone with you.

During a class

If you have any concerns about a tutor's conduct when a class is already in session, here are some things you can do.

  • Communicate your feelings to the tutor - they may not realise how they are coming across

  • Let the tutor know that you are feeling uncomfortable and ask to end the class early

  • If you are inside the tutor's house and begin to feel unsafe, calmly get outside and leave. You may want to excuse yourself for a different reason, such as to use the bathroom or take a phone call, and it may be helpful to pretend that someone is waiting outside to pick you up. 

  • If you feel that you are in an emergency situation, you should put as much distance between yourself and the threat as possible, and call 000

As with everything in this guide, it is up to you to read the situation and decide what is appropriate. The NSW Police have some great further information and tips regarding personal safety if you would like to read more.

After a class

If you have taken a class with a tutor and everything was fine until afterwards, you can still report them using this form, and cancel all future bookings. As always, you will be exempt from the cancellation window if you report the issue and our staff agree that it's inappropriate conduct.

Please remember that we provide this information because safety is our utmost priority. However, it is extremely unlikely that any such situations will arise. We screen every tutor who joins the platform, and clearly display their credentials (including NSW Police Check and WWCC) on their profile, so that you can make an informed decision when selecting your tutor. 

Is there a minimum commitment when I sign up for a class?

Not at all! A great use for Tutable is to dip your toe in different subjects, trying out anything that interests you. You're free to take as many or as few classes from as many different tutors as you wish.

What if I am late, or need to cancel or reschedule a class?

You can cancel or reschedule a class with 24 hours notice, with no penalty and a full refund. Cancelling or rescheduling within 24 hours before the class time will only return you an 80% refund. Please help us protect our tutors' livelihoods by cancelling or rescheduling with as much notice as possible.

FAQs for tutors

Who can become a tutor?

Any person who;

  • is 18 years of age or over

  • has the right to work in Australia

  • has significant skill, experience, passion, and knowledge in the topic they want to teach

Are there any fees to be a tutor?

There are absolutely no upfront fees to be on Tutable. We operate more like a tutoring agency, in that we take a small commission from each class taught to continue running. However, we don't take half of what you earn, like many tutoring agencies do. Our commission is only 18% of what you earn. This covers the costs of running the platform, promoting and advertising your classes, finding you more local students, and dealing with all customer service enquiries.

Is there anything I can't tutor?

Any skill that you have sufficient experience to teach and doesn't break the law is a-okay to tutor on Tutable! In fact, we welcome people who tutor skills that are outside of the norm, as these are the ones students have the most difficulty finding classes in. There are restrictions for classes which are dangerous or highly specialised, where we may contact you to ask for further documentation of your ability to tutor in that subject. These subjects may include, but not be limited to;

  • Drone piloting

  • Fire twirling/breathing

  • Deep sea diving

  • Archery

  • Rock climbing

  • Parkour

  • Hang gliding

  • Medical-related practices including faith-related and alternative medicines

  • And other high risk, physical, or specialised skills

How am I paid?

Your earnings, minus commission, are paid into your nominated bank account every week. We process payments via the secure payment gateway Stripe.

Am I an employee of Tutable?

No. Tutable is a service to promote and support your tutoring activities as a sole trader. Deducting tax, saving for time off, and other duties which would otherwise be handled by an employer remain your responsibility. We believe that this is the best way to find the balance between continuous work and total freedom. For some great information on your tax obligations as a sole trader in Australia, have a read here.

Do I need a degree to be a tutor?

We don't require anyone to hold a degree or qualification to become a tutor on Tutable. Our only 'tutor readiness' criteria is that you possess skill, experience, passion, and knowledge in your chosen field. Whether you acquired that in a University, a short course, or on your own through years of practice is none of our business. However if you do have a degree, you should list it on your profile as it may allow you to charge more for your tutoring services, and please remember that we have a few topics which are specialised and do require you to hold a qualification.

What does Tutable do to deal with enquiries and questions from my students?

We don't require anyone to hold a degree or qualification to become a tutor on Tutable. Our only 'tutor readiness' criteria is that you possess skill, experience, passion, and knowledge in your chosen field. Whether you acquired that in a University, a short course, or on your own through years of practice is none of our business. However if you do have a degree, you should list it on your profile as it may allow you to charge more for your tutoring services.

How much work can I expect to get?

The amount of work you receive is very dependent on a number of factors, many of which are up to you. The subjects you tutor, your location, hourly rate, and how complete your profile and class pages are. If you are finding that you are not receiving as many bookings as you'd like to, you can try some of the following;

  • Make sure the class images you've selected are clear, eye-catching, and optimised for landscape orientation

  • Make sure you have written clear, accurate class descriptions

  • Make sure your profile image is clear, professional, and friendly

  • Check out similar tutors in your area to see if you are charging a competitive hourly rate

  • Try adding a new class which is more/less specific (i.e, if you offer classes in 'Meisner' or 'Script Analysis', try adding a general class in Drama or Acting. If you are only teaching broad subjects, try adding some specialisations.)

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a class?

That's totally fine. You can cancel or reschedule a class at any point up until the start time. The student will receive a full refund and be able to book a new time. Try not to do this too often though, and it's a good idea to always discuss it with your student via the message feature first.

What if a student cancels, reschedules, or doesn't show up?

Our aim at Tutable is to help make tutoring your passions a valid and reliable way to make a living. That's why we protect your income, and guarantee it as much as possible. A student may cancel or reschedule a class with no penalty up to 24 hours in advance of the class start time. After that, you still get paid half of the class fee if they cancel or reschedule. If they don't show up, or if they cancel/reschedule within an hour of the class start time, you still get paid the full amount - even if you manage to book another student in their vacated slot.

What should I do if I'm having trouble with a student?

It depends on the situation;

Mild i.e. the student is repeatedly late, hard to teach, or unprepared

Continue to support their learning. It's what you're here for! Speak to them if necessary, and remember that you always have to option to accept or reject bookings.

Medium i.e. the student is rude, abusive, or has extremely poor conduct

Report the issue to, us using this form. We will review the situation and resolve as best we can.

Severe i.e. the student is violent, threatening, or is breaking the law in some other way

Report the issue to the police first, but still do report it to us so that we can remove the student from the platform.